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LaserMax is Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract for the Development of Thermal Laser Markers for U.S. Special Operations Command

The Department of Defense awarded LaserMax a multi-million dollar contract on September 28, 2012, through the Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) to deliver evaluation prototypes for Long Wave IR Hand Held Markers, Mid Wave IR Hand Held Markers and Multispectral Hand Held Markers over the next 16 months.

The Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) is a Department of Defense program established to facilitate the rapid insertion of innovative technologies into military systems or programs that meet critical national security needs.

The hand held devices will integrate with the tens of thousands of currently fielded Long Wave and Mid Wave imagers and allow for building, vehicle and target handoff from ground to ground operators and designation from ground to air platforms utilizing infrared sensors while limiting risk of detection from enemy combatants. Today, U.S. Special Operators are using near IR technology for ground to ground and ground to air designations, but as the proliferation of night vision technology has increased among insurgents, so has the corresponding risk to U.S. troops.

LaserMax pioneered the application of Long Wave and Mid Wave IR Thermal Laser Markers and currently holds three related U.S. basic patents. For more information about this program and others, please visit our product page. Z-Axis, Inc. will also be sub-contracting to LaserMax to provide electronic sub-assemblies.

“LaserMax employees are proud to provide game-changing technology that gives our troops a tactical advantage,” says Susan Houde-Walter, Ph.D., CEO of LaserMax, “And creates local manufacturing jobs in Congressman Tom Reed’s district, now and in the future.

“This cutting-edge technology will improve safety and communication for our troops operating in hostile environments,” said Congressman Reed. “Today’s announcement once again demonstrates that upstate New York has the educated workforce and visionary leaders who are at the forefront of creating the new products and career opportunities of today and tomorrow.”

About LaserMax:  LaserMax is a leading innovator and manufacturer of high quality laser sight systems.  For more than 20 years, the company has provided the most technologically advanced laser products for military, law enforcement agencies and commercial markets worldwide. LaserMax additionally delivers industry leading laser products and optical systems for semiconductor, aerospace, biomedical applications, and telecommunications. LaserMax is a WOSB (8m) certified and ISO 9001:2008 certified small business.

About Z-Axis: Z-AXIS Inc., a division of Video Display Corporation (NASDAQ:VIDE), provides quality design, prototyping and manufacturing services for complex electronic products and electromechanical assemblies.