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Dr. Brian Olmsted Named Chief Scientist at LMD

01 November 2018 (Rochester, NY) Dr. Brian L. Olmsted has been named Chief Scientist at LaserMaxDefense (“LMD”). Dr. Olmsted has served in many roles at LMD and has most recently led the beacon development programs for USSOCOM, the Pistol Enhancer project for US Army, and several other successful contracts based on quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology. He leads the new technology development effort at LMD and is inventor on over one dozen patents, with several more pending.

“Dr. Olmsted is one of a small number of subject matter experts on Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) in the USA,” said CEO Susan Houde-Walter. “We are fortunate to have him.”

Dr. Olmsted has both a theoretical and working knowledge of QCL technology, as well as a solid background in optical engineering, and expertise in phosphors and optoelectronic materials. He earned his doctorate at the University of Rochester.

LaserMaxDefense (LMD) is the trade name for LMD Power of Light Corp., formerly known as LaserMax, Inc. LMD is a laser manufacturer based in Rochester NY, with a track record of 30 years in business and over one million lasers delivered. The company is known for innovation, and miniaturization and hardening of laser and optical systems, particularly those based on quantum cascade laser technology. The company sells to US Government customers. All LMD employees are US citizens.