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LSL Training Tour Heads to Massachusetts

Wes Doss, the founder of Khyber Interactive Associates, is now traveling to the Maynard Police Department in Massachusetts for Stop 13 of the 2015 Lights, Sights, Lasers US Tour.

LaserMax Conducts Military Training & Ruggedness Testing

As part of its ongoing commitment to our nations warfighters, LaserMax recently conducted a comprehensive training course, spanning several days, for an undisclosed group of active duty US Army Infantryman preparing for combat deployment to Afghanistan.

LaserMax to Exhibit at SOFIC

LaserMax will exhibit its diverse product portfolio to national defense professionals at the upcoming Special Operations Industry Conference (SOFIC).

LaserMax Provides Cost-Free Laser Instructions to Military Personnel

In advance of the Armed Forces Day weekend, LaserMax official Training Coordinator, SSG Joseph DAmbrosia, US Army (Ret.), recently conducted an in-depth live-fire training course, Close Quarters Combat: Carbines and Lasers, for a group of active-duty US Army professionals preparing for deployment to Afghanistan.

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